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Timely, Creative Content is Integral

What parts make up the backbone of an incredible website? It may begin with aesthetics, usability, and search engine optimization, but not everyone may include the all-important content on this list. Website content is a strong force that can either appall people or keep them coming back for more. When done right, it is well-written, conversational information that is updated frequently and related directly to the website. It is an essential part of a well-done website, though it is not always the first component that comes to mind.

Content is popularly published in the form of blogs, but lengthy explanations about services, a company’s origins, or extended information of the sort can also fit into the category. In whatever form it takes, it is important that the writing is clear and done in a conversational tone, so as to translate its message well for any of your website’s visitors. It would be a shame for intelligent information to fall on deaf ears– ensure that your audience will be able to understand you.

It is also incredibly important that your content is timely and frequently updated. Posts about events that happened months ago will typically not stir audience interest, whereas new information about recent topics (within a week or two, if not sooner) or at least a fresh perspective on a subject has a much greater chance to catch someone’s interest. Frequent updating is key in making sure your content is timely, but also for continuing to give visitors new information. Don’t let your website sit silently; continuously publish new and exciting content that can keep the same visitors coming back to your site time and time again. If someone enjoys your site’s information, they’ll be happy to find when it is refreshed with more on the same topics.

Another integral part of content management is keyword optimization. Seasonal keyword optimization should be done in order to maintain and improve upon your search engine optimization. Fresh content can mean changing keywords, especially if your business begins to change direction or branch out. Don’t fall behind with search engines— keep one step ahead of the crowd by ensuring that your business receives the right traffic and the ideal visitors.

At i3, our content writers will help get your voice heard with fresh, timely content that is managed carefully and published as frequently as needed. We will research what topics are important to you and your business, and put them into words that your audience will know and understand. Don’t let your website be just another pretty face, give it the extra wow of creative content!

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