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Memes for Marketing

Memes speak to audiences– but do you speak meme? Memes are internet phenomena that come in a wide variety of images, accompanied with text to make a funny point. Each of the images has a different meaning that is often easy to understand. For example, the kid clutching his fist victoriously is the “Success Kid” meme (shown below) that alludes to something going well. These images are meant for humor, posted all over social media and in group chats, even in emails or web pages now that they’ve caught on for multiple generations.

So, are you taking advantage of them for marketing? It may seem weird to think of making sales pitches with funny images, but that’s the whole point!

Sales pitches can get dry. Businesses often mix up their content with videos, images, and different types of content to keep their audience engaged, but memes can be a great way to spice up this need for variety. They’re inherently funny and easy to make relatable to any industry, meaning they can be powerful tools to use! Anyone can make their own meme, usually using an image that’s been pre-determined online to be a ‘meme’. If in doubt, try a Google search for ‘meme meanings’ and there are plenty of resources to guide you about each image’s usage! From there, you can pick which you can make apply to your message and add the text to it yourself. There are even ‘meme generators’ online that can add the text for you.

Memes transcend generations, but they’re especially potent over social media platforms like Facebook and they’re wonderful for capturing the attention of millennials in particular. So, once you learn about what some different memes mean, how do you use them? Consider something you can introduce to your audience with humor! Are there any parts of your business that seem silly or frustrating? Do you have success to talk about or can you think of a way that your work life can be relatable? Try using these points as inspiration! Just be sure that you’re presenting these subjects in a way that is still tasteful. Memes at a base level are funny and family-friendly, but what words you choose can change that.

So, try adding some memes to freshen up your marketing efforts! They’re an easy way to introduce humor that big audiences should recognize, even across generational gaps. Plus, who doesn’t love a good image to accompany posts? To learn more about memes for marketing or for help with your individual marketing needs, contact i3!

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