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Fall in Love with Your Digital Marketing this Valentine’s Day 

Happy Valentine’s Day! As a salute to this month of love, the experts at i3 have decided to share our passion with you with some helpful tips and information to help you fall in love with your digital marketing! We hope you’ve enjoyed our #LovingYourMarketing Countdown on social media, but here’s a breakdown of our countdown if you’ve missed out on all the buzz:

9. Email Marketing –  Email marketing is a great way of reminding your subscribers of your business with news about specials, seasonal events, and more. Learn to love this aspect of marketing by embracing contact forms to make adding to your subscriber list easily! Making it easy to join can help you keep in touch with a larger customer base.

8. Search Engine Optimization – SEO may seem like magic to some, but it can actually be a lot simpler than it appears! Taking advantage of this marketing branch can do wonders to boost your website’s ranking and help find your optimal customers. How do you easily work on it? Consider cutting down unnecessary page elements that could be slowing down your website.

7. Content – Content marketing can be a massive boost to your business’ online presence, with the content created reaching out to viewers to answer their questions, rank in their searches, and meet their overall needs. If you’re looking to really love content marketing, try publishing it consistently in the form of a blog to establish your business’ expertise!

6. Website – Loving your website may seem tough if you either don’t have one or if your current one isn’t working well enough for you, but there are always ways to change that! In their peak form, websites are a wonderful means of connecting to your customers, earning you sales conversions, and establishing your business. Consider updating your website to have fresher, easier to use aspects if you’re hoping to learn to love yours!

5. Branding – If you don’t already love your business’ branding, then it’s time for a refresh! Branding is meant to suit your individual business in a way that its aesthetic appeal will draw in your potential customers. However, it’s also important to remember that your branding should be industry-related. Take a look at your competitor’s branding choices to see what others are up to!

4. Review Management – Show more love to your review management process! While racking up reviews from your customers is helpful in itself, taking some time to reply to each one appropriately is key in managing your business’ online presence.

3. Facebook – Facebook is a platform built for making connections, with friends, followers, and even other businesses. It has paid ad capabilities, a variety of free post options, and more to explore! Try taking advantage of its many functions by mixing up your approach this month. 

2. Instagram – Instagram as in image-based platform meant for connecting, but it’s not as simple as just posting photos anymore! Recently, they’ve made advancements in sharing multiple images, using locations, and video sharing as well. Check out these abilities and you’ll fall in love!

1. Unity – All in all, the most important aspect of any digital marketing plan is actually the unity of all of these aspects. When working in unison, these are some of the crucial components of a successful marketing strategy. Once you see your business reaping the success of these components is when you’ll truly fall in love with digital marketing!

For help with learning more or taking on any of these steps, contact i3 Media Solutions today!  

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