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3 Ways to Leave the ‘Luck’ Out of Your Digital Marketing

March may be the month focused on luck, Saint Patrick’s Day, and all things green, but that doesn’t mean luck will get you anywhere with your marketing strategy. So, stop leaving your marketing efforts to luck! The results you’re looking for may seem like they require some sort of magic, but in reality, many marketing tactics can be backed by feasible actions. Let us explain some ways to take away that reliance on ‘luck’!

1 – Get to know your audience! Trying to guess what they’d find relatable or interesting gets a lot simpler when you can start narrowing it down. Looking at the demographics of your current customers, checking on what has been successful with your past marketing, scoping out what is successful with your competitors’ marketing, and even customer surveys can help you to start distinguishing what your audience likes.

2 – Post frequently and at popular times! Posting once a week at 3 am won’t earn your business many likes, follows, or otherwise. Instead of posting randomly and hoping it’ll get to your optimal customers, post a few times a week around lunch and dinner times! These are good calls because the frequency can earn you a following and the timing is when audiences usually peak online.

3 – Ask for reviews! Earning reviews shouldn’t be just luck-of-the-draw, they can often be earned by simple request! Try asking your regulars to leave you messages, leave out comment cards that you can point out, or even offer incentives like coupons online when requesting reviews. Reviews can help you create a great first impression online– focus on earning some!

While marketing may seem like it’s based off of luck and magic, successful strategies are actually based on hard work and inside knowledge. These tips can help lead you in the right direction, so start incorporating them today! To learn more about this and other aspects of digital marketing, contact i3 today!  

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