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Summer Marketing Countdown

If you’ve missed all the hype with our #SummerMarketingCountdown, then now is your chance to catch up! We’ve been counting down the days until summer by sharing our best tips and tricks on how to make the most of your business’ marketing this season. Take a look at all of the days leading up until now here:

9 – It’s day 9 and we’re here to talk about hosting events! Consider encouraging potential customers to come to your location by hosting an event that’s open to the public! Whether it’s for a holiday, workshop, fundraising, or otherwise, hosting an event can help raise community awareness of your business.

8 – Day 8 is all about the weather! Tucson summers are notorious for their heat, sunshine, and even those monsoons– keep your posts relatable by trying to tie them into your marketing! Give your customers ways to keep cool or dry, or even offer specials when we break temperature records.

7 – For day 7, we’d like to remind you that although school may be out for the summer, we’re still ready to help you learn our methods! Join us for our upcoming workshops in order to learn more about amping up your digital marketing strategy. Check out our offerings here! 

6 – Day 6 is all about sales! Summer is full of sales and customers are always a fan of them– try taking advantage by hosting one of your own! Whether it’s price cuts, conditional discounts, or bundle deals, make sure to market your sales in order to reap their full potential.

5 – Day 5 deals with concepts that are audience favorites– giveaways and contests! If you’re hoping to earn a lot of fresh attention online, one of the best ways is by encouraging your customers to share your posts with their friends in order to win something! If you pick a prize that really gains interest, it could spread rapidly!

4 – We’re here for day 4 with the reminder that many people are taking the summer to go vacationing. Remember to tie in those themes, or if you can offer services for them to use during their time away, push your marketing of them!

3 – It’s day 3 and our latest tip is to go meet your customers while they’re out and about! This time of year is great for outdoor events, like craft fairs, farmer’s markets, and even Second Saturdays downtown. Go set up and see your customer base in-person to get their attention!

2 – For day 2, we’re here to remind you to celebrate! Seize the chance to use the holidays in your business’ marketing, including the upcoming 4th of July! Keep your marketing fun with playful posts and sales!

1 – Summer has arrived! For day 1, take a look back at all of our collective tips and start utilizing them! Put these tips to work for you and you’ll be ahead of your marketing goals this season.

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