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Three of the Latest Digital Marketing Trends

Digital marketing is always evolving, with new strategies, technologies, and consumer trends constantly on the horizon. It’s important to stay up-to-date on these in order to make sure your marketing campaign stays on par, so allow us to keep you in the loop! The latest trends for digital marketing currently involve new technology trends as well as how consumers respond to social media. Allow us to explain three of the latest trends to watch with digital marketing:

1 – Chatbots – Interactive chatbots are becoming more and more popular, with a survey from LivePerson showing that 67% of the surveyed businesses are using chatbots for customer support. These are useful for not only encouraging customer engagement but in giving them fast responses and answers to their questions. This easy communication can help you to create a strong, positive brand representation with a trusting audience that knows they can rely on 24/7 support. This also takes some of the stress of keeping up with customer questions off of you, giving you more time to run your business!

2 – Voice Search – Voice searching is another trend that’s been in rising popularity, with not only other voice-based technology becoming more popular, but with mobile devices and search engines welcoming its use as well. This type of searching means more focus on keywords and which results in a search will truly best fit what a user is saying. The best way to optimize for this is ensuring your website pages not only have keywords, meta, and content but that it’s streamlined to suit your content in a relevant and relatively specific manner.

3 – Social Media Influencers – Another resource that’s been on the rise is the use of influencers for digital marketing campaigns! Brands have almost always relied on celebrities of some type to spread the word and get their products and services to be known, but not every individual that has an audience online is classified at celebrity status. Businesses have been incorporating the help of social media users with any range of followers, starting with as few as 100-300, which is not an uncommon trait.

They embrace these social media users by offering them rewards in order to encourage them to spread the word about their brand, with the payoff for them being a discount code, free gifts depending on their turnover rate, or even free products shipped to them to post pictures with! A portion of their followers will likely respond by taking interest in the brand, at least giving it the benefit of name recognition.

New trends in digital marketing are always emerging, with improvements in technology, changes in how users interact with businesses, and more! Staying on top of these changes all at once may be difficult for a business owner, but for a digital marketing firm, it’s just a part of what we do! Rely on us to keep you in the loop with news and new information on our blog and social media accounts!

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