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4 Steps to Helping your Business’ Online Reputation 

Managing your business’ online reputation may seem like a tricky task, with the lack of control you have on reviews and how people beyond your reach may view your business. There are several steps you can take to be more active in creating a positive reputation, however, so they’re crucial to keep up with, despite forces beyond your direct control! Here are four ways to get you started!

1 – Respond to all your business’ feedback, positive or otherwise. Online reviews may be your potential customers’ first impression of your business, so it’s important that even if you can’t control what you receive, that you try to make the most of it. Respond quickly to reviews and always in a professional manner. Thank your customers for their kind words, but respond to customers with negative opinions with a way to solve their issues in their experience, an apology, an explanation, or something to display that you care about their negative opinion and are working to fix that.

2 – Related but just as important, is providing a good customer experience. A good part of sending your customers off satisfied is showing care in what you do. Treating people with respect, going above and beyond, and sending them off with a smile can make a big difference in what they think of you, your business, and what word is spread about it.

3 – Encourage feedback and make improvements! Suggestions from customers should be taken into consideration. If enough of them make a request or if you can see a mass benefit from a suggestion you’ve received, then make it a part of your service! Then, don’t be shy to market this change! For instance, if you buy a different type of potting soil for your floral company based on a common request, let your customers know so they feel that you listened to them!

4 – Be real! What can sometimes turn customers against a brand is the realization that they were given fake promises or the feeling that there’s something suspicious going on. Working on transparency and being as realistic as possible will allow you to avoid these roadblocks and earn the trust you need to keep your reputation strong.

No matter your current online reputation, good, bad, or non-existent, we’re happy to help you in forming and managing this! Give i3 a call today to talk about how we can help to manage your business’ reputation or better market your brand today!

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