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4 Ways of Asking Customers for Reviews

Reviews are a great way of establishing trust in your potential clients! Most first impressions of your business will happen online– where reviews may be prominent on search engines, social media pages, your website, and other platforms. How do you make sure you have positive reviews to draw in your ideal customers? Ask for them!

There are many ways to go about asking for reviews, but here are 4 great ways to do so:

1. Use social media!

Social media is a wonderful way for your business to share a variety of messages and updates– so use it as a platform to request reviews, too! You can share testimonial posts with a call to action to leave your business a review, or even share the link to do so in your Story!

2. Via email.

After a client buys a product or service from you, you may follow up the interaction with an email. This practice is not only common, but a great situation in which to ask for a review!

3. On your website!

Websites generally have a page dedicated to reviews, so this method is simple! Leave a call to action at the top of this page so that your clients can easily add their own review to the website. You can also create a button to share on multiple pages of your website!

4. Be direct.

Asking directly, whether in-person or through a direct message, email, text, or phone call, is one of the most effective ways to get reviews. Be straightforward about wanting the support for your business and your clients will feel more compelled to help you!

Picking a few different methods from this list is the best way to start focusing on gathering reviews for your business. Which will you get started with? if you want more help with this or other aspects of digital marketing, get in touch with our experts! We can get started with a free consultation.

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