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How to Perform Seasonal Marketing – Using Themes

We’re all used to seeing seasonal marketing schemes: pumpkins come out around the fall, holiday decorations stay up most of the winter, spring is full of flowers and outside fun, and the summer is all about vacation vibes. When your business offers something like ornaments, it may be easy to know which kinds of seasonal marketing easily apply to you. However, if it’s not so easy to see how to apply seasonal marketing, you’ll want to keep reading!

Think about what your customers need this time of year!

For instance, what products or services are generally needed in the fall? You may already have some ideas based on your industry. If you don’t, put yourself in your customers’ shoes. Halloween is coming soon, which means fun with their families, and then they’ll be busy preparing for the holidays– including buying gifts and preparing to travel or have family over. The temperatures are generally cooler, kids are back in school, and many people tend to feel busy. Use this type of brainstorming to think of how your business fits into the picture!

Additionally, you can make a post that’s focused on the fun aspects of the season and then relate back to your business at the end of it. For instance, on a holiday you can write a message wishing your clients a fun day. You can then let them know how you’ll be celebrating before returning to the office. If you’ll be out of the office on the holiday, this is the perfect chance to share your special hours as well! Or, you could share a special your business is running or a picture of some decorations from your location. Then, take the chance to ask your audience how they’re going to celebrate.

However you choose to use themes in your seasonal marketing, just be sure to stay relevant to your business.

Relating these fun themes back to your business can help keep your audience connected and engaged with what you’re sharing. For more guidance from our marketing experts, contact our team today! 

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