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How to Maximize Free Social Media Ad Credit

You’ve been offered free ad credit! What’s next? Facebook and Instagram have both been active in offering free ad credits and other discounts to business accounts, which is great, especially for small business owners looking to grow. However, there’s a difference between seeing the notification and putting it to use.

Let’s chat about how to maximize your use of your free ad credits, other ad promotions, and even the ads you want to pay for!

1. Figure out a goal for your ad.

This should align directly with your business goals! Are you looking for more leads? Do you want to sell a certain product? Are you wanting to just get your business’ name seen? Knowing your goal will help you decide your approach.

2. Next, keep your audience in mind.

When creating an ad, not only do you need to select an audience during ad creation, but your whole ad should be designed with them in mind! What demographics are your ideal clients? What do your current customers have in common? You’ll also want to define what kind of audience you want to target before you start your design.

3. Then, design your ad!

An ad includes a graphic and copywriting, both of which should be made to target your ideal audience. Are you talking to newlyweds? Do you want to reach the parents of kids that are going back to school? Then, use the right visual and words to draw them in!

4. Feeling lost? Well, not everyone needs to be an expert at marketing.

We’re here to help! Contact i3 Media Solutions and our experts will help you tackle your entire ad strategy. We work with businesses of every shape and size, with custom marketing strategies to keep your best interests at heart. We’re here to help you grow!

Next time you see a notification to claim a free ad credit, then get in touch with our team!

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