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Honest SEO is Crucial to Website Marketing

When a customer comes to your website in search of information, they’ll either find what they’re looking for quickly– or leave. Whatever question, topic, or phrase they type into their search bar to start their search is their end goal and if it can’t be delivered quickly by your site, it won’t matter what ranking it has for that search engine because they won’t be sticking around. Sticking to honest, reliable search engine optimization (SEO) techniques and ensuring you’re correctly marketing what content is on each page of your website is crucial! Let’s discuss the importance of this further, as well as how to accomplish it.

When inputting keywords, meta, titles, and more information, it’s crucial you ensure that what you add in is true to the content, your copy’s phrasing, and that you’re rightfully explaining what someone can expect to find on that given page. Why is this so important? These aspects are what come into play in a search engine determining whether or not your web page matches a visitor’s search, as well as whether or not they choose to visit the page. If any of this information is incorrect, not only will a visitor not find what they’re looking for and leave your page, but you’ll be missing out on the traffic from those that are looking for the information you have there.

In order to stop this sort of situation from happening, focus on sticking to keywords that are true to your content and threading the important ones into each part of your page’s SEO. Focus on what your copy says and how to properly explain this to your hopeful audience– how would they search for this information? Avoid adding in any additional words or information that aren’t evident in your page’s written copy, unless you think of more that you then add into your writing during this process.

This is not only a more ethical manner to market your website, but it will also help you avoid penalties from search engines that can tell when your content isn’t matching up. You’ll also avoid the inevitable issue of website visitors leaving just as quickly as they came, which you can monitor in your analytics as your “bounce rate”. To learn more or for help mastering your own, ethical SEO marketing, set up a free consultation with i3!  

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