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Ditching the Do-it-Yourself Website Builders

Emily Acre, owner of New Body Pilates, originally turned to Pilates to find relief from a lower back injury, but what she found instead was a new passion of hers. Emily opened New Body Pilates at the beginning of 2016 to help others through their journey with Pilates. After reaching a dead end with a do-it-yourself website builder, she turned to i3 for help. A common issue that we encounter with do-it-yourself website builders is that the customers of such companies are not able to get their website listed with search engines. Emily was having this exact problem and it led to people not being able to find her website when searching for Pilates studios in Tucson. Working with Emily and professional photographer Josh Harrison, we brought an elegant, responsive website to life.


One of the features that was important to the New Body Pilates website was having a page of customer testimonials to demonstrate the level of expertise and comfort all of Emily’s clients experience.


Check out the fresh New Body Pilates website (http://www.newbodypilatestucson.com/) and contact i3 today to see how we can help your website reach new customers.

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