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Three Steps to Improve Your Local Reach with Google My Business

If you’re looking to expand your local reach, one of the best ways to start may be amping up your Google My Business (GMB) profile! This is a great way to tap into your local audience, who can easily access this information on your business by simply using a search bar or Google Maps. Not only will you want your business to appear on their radar, but you’ll need to ensure that if they click to learn more, that you’ve entered enough pictures, information, and more to ensure they’ll be drawn on in.

Here are some steps you can take to help improve your local search rankings with Google My Business:

1 – Getting Started – First, Google your business to see if a listing has been made! In most cases, search engines will already know that your business exists, especially if you have a physical location that’s been open for at least a few months. (If you don’t see a listing for your business, it’s time to start one!) Start by ensuring that you’ve claimed the rights to your business listing and getting verified so that you can easily start updating information, answering questions, and making posts.

2 – Reviews – Earning and replying to reviews are both crucial, here. One of the first pieces of information Google pulls up is a business’ rating through reviews, so make sure that you are asking clients and loyal customers to post their input and help you out. You should also ensure you reply to reviews– this means ALL reviews, whether positive or negative.

Thank reviewers who sent in their kind words, but when someone makes a negative comment, ensure that you apologize and respond in a professional manner so as to alleviate the situation if you can. Showing that you made an effort to change around a bad review can help lessen their impact.

3 – Take Full Advantage of GMB – Improving your profile starts with ensuring you’re using every aspect that you can of this platform. Fill out every part of your profile, being thorough with what information you’re providing as well as the tools you choose to use. Make use of the options to post offers, events, product updates, and recently, even COVID-19 business information.

With these steps, you’re well on your way to embracing Google My Business to improve your reach locally. For help achieving these steps or going beyond them, contact i3 today!  

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