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Giving Back to the Community

Every year, i3 Media Solutions takes pride in doing its part to give back to the community by donating our services to one local, non-profit in need of our digital marketing expertise. Last year, we worked with Healing Arizona Veterans (www.healingarizonaveterans.org) to design them a brand new website that met their needs. This year, however, our labor of love was donated to Tucson Tellers of Tales (TOT). Giving our all to help them freshen up and strengthen their online presence has been one of our major team goals as the year comes to a close.

Tucson Tellers of Tales was started in the 1970’s as a group of storytellers that donated their programs to schools, libraries, and other community places. The new leaders are striving to help Tucson Tellers of Tales flourish again by making their presence better-known. i3’s services were gifted to this non-profit by a vote of current clients and friends who participated in voting for a cause. We couldn’t be happier to be helping this organization this year or with the new website we created (www.storytellingarizona.com). Please check out this non-profit and the community events they offer.

Every year, we work with a new nonprofit to gift them our services. From branding to social media, even website design, we can help deliver services to any deserving, local non-profit that’s chosen from our nominations. If you know a non-profit that suits this need, nominate them here! This season of giving, we at i3 media solutions are proud to say that we’re doing our part for this local non-profit, and for the sake of the community. We thank our clients for their continuous support of our efforts, enabling us to prosper but also, giving us the resources to work on these charitable projects yearly.

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