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Evolving Market Strategies

The average person is flooded with over 2,000 outbound marketing interruptions per day, claims a study by HubSpot. Not only this, but there is now a multitude of ways to avoid them, from caller ID, to spam folders, and even commercial-free streaming services. So, with this method of marketing now fighting a battle against the consumer just for their attention, how do you go about marketing? The days in which outbound marketing was truly successful seem near over. Telemarketing, emails, seminars, and trade shows– these outbound marketing sources can all still work to help you accomplish your goals, but they’re not quite as effective. The world of marketing is ever-evolving, and it’s been heading in the path of the newer inbound marketing.

Unlike outbound marketing, in which a business pushes their message out into the public, inbound marketing focuses on helping the right customers come to you at opportune times. Through search engines, blogs, and social media, businesses can instead market themselves by drawing in the attention they need and focusing only on more likely prospective customers. This is not only time-effective, but it’s also cost-friendly. According to a study by MarketStrong, while the average outbound lead costs $373, the average inbound lead costs a mere $143. These inbound marketing strategies pay off in their cost and effectiveness with customer bases, meaning it’s a waste not to incorporate them. So, how should a business develop an inbound marketing strategy? Let us lead you through the basics.

At heart, inbound marketing relies on two things– the quality of your website, and the ability of the right users to find it. A recent study by Fleishman-Hillard found that before going to a business, 89% of consumers start by researching a product or service online. This means that your customers are likely using a social media platform or search engine to look up what they’re in need of, and if your business isn’t generating quality views in these searches, then the right customers aren’t able to find you. Whether or not your business’ website is wonderful, if no one can find your website, it’s a wasted effort.

Likewise, you can score high in search engine rankings, but if that doesn’t lead to new customers, then you’re putting in the effort with the group of wrong people. Search engine optimization (SEO) efforts will establish connections to search engines and your customer base that will guide you in finding and earning the attention of your optimal customers. At i3, we research who your clients are to understand what would draw them in, then incorporate industry-standard SEO techniques and social media efforts to appropriately market your site to the optimal viewers.

However, even with wonderfully streamlined SEO services and social media marketing, these efforts alone aren’t enough. If the optimal customers are now finding your website, you have to ensure that they’ll stick around to do business with you. According to a Standford study, 75% of users admit to making judgments about a company’s credibility based on their website design. This means that a good first impression is necessary, if you’re to convert your visitors into customers. Efforts in website design, from color palettes and images, to the copy and navigation itself all do a great deal to contribute to the impression customers make and should be well-maintained. We at i3 are industry experts in website design and updating, so let us analyze how well your website is performing and what improvements we can make for you. Any positive effort put into your website is one that will be noticed.

The flourishing world of inbound marketing now suits businesses much better. It is time and cost effective, focusing your efforts only on optimal customers and earning their attention in ways they’ll be more likely to appreciate. Being bogged down in advertisements and business’ messages is a constant hassle for the daily person– keep the inefficiency of these methods in mind when you consider amping up your marketing strategy. Contact i3 to start your focus on inbound marketing techniques, and we’ll happily guide you through this growing industry.

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