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Reputation Management

Building a good reputation is an integral part of expanding a business and gaining new customers; people want to work with a company that maintains good customer relations. Reputation management, however, can be challenging and time-consuming in today’s digital age. 

Today, people can hop online anytime, anywhere and look for customers’ experiences with a particular business. This is great news for a business that has pleased every customer that walked through its door, but if not then it may pose some problems. Realistically, somewhere along the way, someone will be less than satisfied and may take the time to publicize their discontent on any number of customer touch points.

It becomes crucial to maintain a consistently professional presence online. Interacting regularly through social media accounts and review sites can help maintain a positive reputation. If someone does voice a negative opinion, it is important for the business to find a positive way to respond and handle the issue head-on. Ignoring or being confrontational can make things worse and a single posting on Facebook or Twitter could ruin a business.

Do you need help to manage your business’s reputation?  Call i3 today and see what we can do to save you time and stress.

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