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Closed FB Group

https://youtu.be/–2thQaWda8 Have you joined our closed Facebook group yet? Our Imagine, Innovate, Inspire and group is full of our friends, clients, those who attend any of our programs,…

Published 3 years ago
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Being Authentic

https://youtu.be/YPkn1Bm-rnM Let’s talk about being authentic: in-person, online, and in all of your marketing efforts. How do you be true to yourself and your business? Here’s Frankie with…

Published 3 years ago
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Social Media Services

https://youtu.be/rijFoJ8xvBc In addition to our social media management services, the team at i3 Media Solutions also offers: ✧ Social Prompts – A service that delivers marketing tips, tricks,…

Published 3 years ago
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Super Social

https://youtu.be/mVPRtn-_ARg If your business needs help performing well on social media, we’re here to guide you! Whether you need help starting off strong or improving what you’ve already…

Published 3 years ago
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Social Media Usage

https://youtu.be/4X85bFGMVs0 Most people spend a good part of their day using social media! Is your business connecting with them there? The i3 team is here to help you…

Published 4 years ago
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What IS Marketing?

https://youtu.be/c95LWjQX2uY What IS marketing? Marketing isn’t just about making sales– it’s also about how to keep people coming out for more! Learn more from Frankie here, or let’s…

Published 4 years ago

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