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How to Get Your Business Started with Instagram Shopping

Instagram’s Shopping feature is a potentially game-changing way of implementing sales directly into the social media platform, giving businesses shorter routes to conversions as well as easier ways to market. Shopping gives you the ability to tag products in posts, bios, and captions, highlight them as a section of your profile with a custom storefront, further your reach by being seen by those shop browsing, and better incorporate their sales as a whole, connected with all of the other tools Instagram currently offers businesses. So, let’s get you started on getting connected to this service!

To set up your Instagram Shop, you’ll need to:
Ensure you’re eligible, according to their requirements. 
Set up a business account. If you already have an Instagram account, this can be as easy as selecting the option to switch to a business profile in your settings. This step will also provide you with Insights, which is a great resource to give you more information on your marketing performance and audience details.
Connect your Instagram account to your Facebook page. If you have both profiles, you’ll simply need to go into the settings from either one to connect them. If you’re missing one, you can create the other page through these settings, as well.
Set up Business Manager. You’ll need to sign up for Business Manager on Facebook, which will also give you access to manage your ads, pages, and adjust the roles of those who have access to them.

The next step is getting your business’ products listed! This will mean:
Using shopping tags to link to your products in images, videos, captions, and even your bio.
Creating collections for easy browsing, incorporating any themes you’d like, such as categories of products or seasons of the year.
Starting up Shopping Ads to get your products seen by more people, with advertising individualized to your business goals.

There are so many ways to incorporate Instagram Shopping and product sales into your social media marketing strategy– make sure your business is taking advantage of them! This applies not only to those focused on product sales, but also those that offer only a few physical products, as well as those without. Let our experts help you discover the best marketing route to take for your individual business by schedule a free consultation with i3 today!

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