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3 New LinkedIn Tools for Better Business Connections

LinkedIn is a place for professional connections, but the way that your business conducts itself and the content it shares there is nonetheless pivotal for your business. Not only does this become a part of how other businesses view your business, but it’s also how other business professionals and potential customers get a better luck at your company and its culture. LinkedIn has recently released new tools to help better showcase your company culture and its connections to employees, with notifications, kudos, team moments, and a profile completion meter– let’s discuss how you should be taking advantage of these to better build up your page!

You can now enable Employee Notifications, which send alerts to your employees when important posts have been published. This tool is a great instrument for encouraging your employees to share company posts, spreading your reach but also nurturing the practice of their referrals to your business. One of the strongest referrals your business can get is from one of its employees, someone who knows it even more intimately than a customer would.

There are now options to use company page kudos and team moments. These create a new, custom posting format for your content that is separate and easily identifiable as opposed to normal posts. This gives you the opportunity to highlight your employees, welcome new members, congratulate good work, and showcase employees for their important moments and contributions. This helps to promote the importance of business-employee relationships, putting more of an emphasis on this for viewers and hopefully establishing a more human side to your business.

While it’s well-known that completed LinkedIn company pages are more successful than those that are incomplete, many page owners aren’t aware of what information is missing! The new completion meter for company pages will notify page owners of what information should be filled out, updated, or changed. This meter’s purpose is to help business owners make the most of their LinkedIn profile, utilizing every resource available to them through profiles.

These are all great resources to put to immediate use, so we recommend visiting your LinkedIn page to test them out for yourself! If you need more help staying on top of the ever-changing realm of social media, or you need some help utilizing features like these, contact the i3 team today and we’d be happy to help!  

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