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5 Ways to Improve Your Google My Business Profile

Google My Business is an excellent platform for marketing your business, directly tied to the most popular search engine as well as Google Maps. It’s a crucial element of boosting your business’ search performance. You should be making the most of this platform, using the opportunity to claim your business on Google and start showcasing how amazing your work really is. How should you do this? We’ve got some guidelines to help you optimize your use of Google My Business here:

1 – Ensure you fill out your entire profile. Providing as much accurate, thorough information as you can will not only help the right customers find you, but it’ll also boost your search ranking.

2 – Upload photos to help your business make a lasting impression. Customers enjoy having media to take in when it comes to marketing, so pictures make an excellent way to draw their attention while also providing more information about your business! This is also a great chance to show off your location, products, team, or more!

3 – Share posts, updates, and offers! Updating your Google My Business profile with posts gives viewers more to look at when your business comes up in a search. Not only will they see your information, but they’ll also see your latest posts in your listing, so it’s your chance to draw them in with exciting specials, sales, and more.

4 – Add attributes, products, services, and menus to your listing. Google My Business offers a variety of attributes to choose from, including phrases related to accessibility, offerings, payment options, languages spoken, and more! Add these to give your business listing those important, extra details in a way that’ll stand out. You can also directly upload a catalog of your products and services, as well as your full menu there for viewers to see! This can help bring your listing to the next level with detail to impress both customers and search engines.

5 – Respond to reviews and questions. Ensuring you reply to every review in a professional and timely manner will help to encourage others to leave you reviews, but it also reflects well on your business’ reputation. Answering questions will help provide viewers with more information, potentially helping not only the person who asked the question, but anyone else who may be curious about your listing as well.

No matter how you get started, the important part is to fill out your profile with detail and accuracy, with as much information as you can to fill in every field. If you need help claiming, updating, or really making your Google My Business listing shine, then contact i3 Media Solutions today!  

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