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Three Steps to Fall Back in Love with your Marketing this Year!

Let’s face it, the same routine can grow old. The same goes for your business marketing! If you’ve been following the same strategy, making the same posts, and seeing the same results, then it’s time to make a change. Here are some ways to update, switch up, and completely refresh your marketing campaign! Start seeing new results and fall back in love with your own business marketing with these three steps:

– Update all of your profiles! There are so many ways to go about doing this. Start by ensuring all of your business information is correct, refreshing your descriptions with new copy and keywords, changing up all of your headers and choice of media, and overall performing a cleanup of every field possible.

– Re-target your marketing to your ideal audience! Think about what your optimal customers are like. Are your current posting strategies getting through to them? Plan a strategy set around catering to them, picking an online voice for your business that they will connect with and choosing post messages that will convert your audience into customers. Your efforts should be focused on creating an online persona that suits both your business and its ideal clients!

– Refresh your social media content! Whatever it is you’ve been posting time and time again, it’s time to stop that from circulating. Pick new themes, new images, new content– you can even try focusing on new or different offerings. If you do choose to share the same overall messages, re-think how you’ve been doing so thus far and make sure you change it up with new copy and media. It’s time to give your posts a face-lift!

Marketing is an ever-evolving industry and it requires fresh, new thinking. Your campaign should be monitored, adjusted and perfect as time goes on, but that means that even a working strategy needs to continue to change. The marketing experts at i3 can help you pinpoint what is and isn’t working with your business marketing in a FREE digital marketing review, then we can get down to business really making improvements in your strategy and keeping it fresh.

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