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Creating a Professional Online Presence

Trying to create a more professional presence on social media? It’s not all that easy! Whether you’re a solo professional who uses their personal page to network or a business owner that needs some help reigning in their professional account, we’ve got you covered. It’s time to clean up your social media accounts!

Let’s get started by cleaning out old posts, working within new guidelines, and approaching social media from a professional perspective:

1. Make a hit list. Review everything about your profiles, including your pictures, personal information, the books you like to read, and even the groups you’re a part of.

Consider deleting any:
– Provocative or inappropriate photographs, videos, or posts.
– Posts or photos that include drinking, using drugs, or any dangerous behavior.
– Discriminatory comments related to race, religion, gender, etc.
– Content that complains about a previous employer or colleague.
– Posts that are overly cynical, grumpy, or mean.

2. A good rule for digital editing: When in doubt, take it out. You can also consider “The Granny Rule”: If you wouldn’t want your grandmother to see your post, then delete it.

3. Streamline your selfies. The selfie craze is in full bloom, but too many unprofessional photos of yourself could come across as immature.

4. Review past blogs. If you have a personal blog, re-read and analyze your content. While many employers consider blogging a bonus, your tone, attitude, and interaction with others online will tell the larger picture of who you are as a person.

5. Google yourself. If you find negative content such as your name on blogs, negative social media posts, or if you are tagged in any risky content, address the issue immediately. If you can delete or report it, then get it deleted. While you are at it, change your privacy settings to prohibit tagging without your permission.

7. Edit your Twitter feed. Twitter is full of short blurbs that can often contain more emotion than fact. While it may feel good (and harmless) to post something there at the time, the true impact can be deceptive. Tweets go viral quickly and can ruin lives if they are reckless. If you don’t want to make your feed private, be sure to remove any tweets that may be scrutinized, such as content that is racist, mean, arrogant, judgmental, sexual or crude. Also, go through your “following” and “followers” lists to sanitize them. Don’t forget to cleanse your Tumblr, Flickr, YouTube, Vimeo, and Instagram accounts as well.

8. Secure Names and URLs. Cleaning up your online persona includes making sure your Twitter handle, Facebook name, and URL do not include profanity or slang. Try to make your usernames something simple and professional that includes your first name. Be sure to check your name’s URL (i.e.: www.JohnSmith.com) and if no one else owns it, you can buy it! URL real estate is valuable and can make for a great resume website.

Need more help getting your online profiles cleaned up? Our marketing experts can help guide you through whatever marketing needs you may have! Let’s get started with a free consultation. 

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