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How to Target Your Specific Business Goals Through Marketing

When you’re working on marketing your business, what do you want to accomplish from it? Are you hoping to gain more leads, conversions, or new customers? Are you hoping to schedule more appointments, get more phone calls, or have more people join in your events? What do you want to accomplish for yourself and for your business? Keeping these thoughts in mind when performing any part of your marketing is key to making sure you optimize your efforts.

So, how do you start targeting your specific business goals through marketing? It may help to focus on one, or a few, goals at once and start tackling achieving them step-by-step. This means going through each aspect of your business marketing and ensuring you’re making the most of that piece in order to fulfill your goals. We recommend starting with:

– Social Media Profiles – Profiles vary between social media platforms, but one thing remains the same: your profile should speak toward your goals. Ensure you review to see that your description, images, and any other information you enter somehow aligns with your objectives. For instance, if your goal is to find more local customers, make sure you use location keywords so that they’ll more easily find you If you’re hoping to get more event registrations, mention the event right there at the top of your page or with a link!

– Content – It’s no secret that you should make frequent posts from your business pages (we recommend at least 3 a week), but you should also be focusing on your goals when you do so. Do you want to reach a new audience? Use phrasing that will cater to them! Are you hoping to fill up a workshop you’re teaching? Ensure you’re making posts about it and why they want to attend! Your only source of content shouldn’t become just this subject, but make sure it’s one of your primary sources of content for a while.

– Media – Social media posts have been shown time and time again to perform better when accompanied by media of some sort– images, videos, whatever form they’ll allow you to post! Not only should your posts be aligned with your goal, but their media should also be. If you can, create some videos talking through subjects that will help promote your goals, whether that is talking about a specific service of yours that you’d like to do more of or if it’s introducing a new product you’d like to sell. Images can also help get your point across, specifically with real pictures of your business.

– Calls to Action – Each of your social media posts should probably include a call to action, or something that lets your audience know what to do next. For instance, if your goal is to get more event sign-ups, then at the bottom of a post where you’ve shared information about the event, you could add ‘Register here:’ with a link that will take them to the page to do so. Consider phrases like: ‘visit our website’, ‘give us a call’, ‘visit us at’, or anything else you may think of. Whatever your call to action may be, just ensure that you include the proper contact information or link so that the action is easy to perform.

Whatever business goals you’re hoping to accomplish, working them into your social media marketing can be an amazing way to kickstart accomplishing them. If you need some help aligning your own business marketing with your goals, or with any other area of marketing, contact the marketing experts at i3 Media Solutions! We’re happy to help you get started with a free consultation– book now through our Facebook page.

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