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How to Recycle Your Past Marketing Content

Let’s face it: creating content for your business isn’t always easy. As much as it may seem simple to sit down and write a blog or take some new pictures, it’s not always so easy to stay caught up on fresh ideas and the time to execute them. While having a backlog of extra content is always helpful for periods of time like this, another method you can use is recycling your old content. Now, we don’t just mean taking the exact same post and image and re-posting it. There are ways to freshen up and re-share this content in a way that feels much more thoughtful! For instance, try:

– Sharing a past blog of yours with a link to social media. This will not only get your past blog more views once again, but it’s also an opportunity for you to reflect back on it. In your post, mention anything that may have changed since this time, or why you’re currently thinking back to it. It’s possible that the subject is finally relevant again! For example, you can re-share last Spring’s planting blog you wrote about when it’s planting season again this year.

– Re-sharing videos you’ve posted on one platform to others. There are so many ways to send a video through to your audience that chances are, you haven’t used all of the possible ways for each of your videos yet. You may be uploading videos to platforms like YouTube and sharing them in posts across various social media platforms, but have you considered making any into Stories, Highlights, Reels, or IGTV posts on Instagram?

– Take an existing idea you had and re-think it! Scroll back through your page and find some inspiration from one of your old posts. Just the act of looking back through your feed may give you ideas of topics you haven’t covered already, but if not, pick one of the topics that you’ve already mentioned and make it fresh again with a new perspective. For instance, if you posted about what you think the best soil is for gardening, maybe use that idea as a jumping off point to post about the best gardening tools, how to use your choice of best soil, or even the worst soils for gardening.

Your content may need some freshening up before re-use just to ensure you aren’t reposting in the exact same way, but it doesn’t hurt to put your existing content back into use! Remember, everything we post is a learning experience either way and looking back is a great way to analyze our marketing performance if nothing else. For more help mastering social media posts and content creation, start with a FREE consultation with our experts!

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