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Making a Good First Impression with Instagram Highlights

Stories are a feature that can accompany posts with new information, but they may also act as a stand alone means of interacting with your audience and creating connections! With the ability to reply directly to Stories, as well as multiple ways to engage with them through polls, questions, and more, these can become one of your brand’s best ways to earn online engagement. Stories are a powerful tool, but one of their major setbacks is that they dissipate after 24 hours unless they’re made a part of your Highlights.

Highlights are a way to collect your Stories into categories, displayed near the top of your Instagram profile. They are a great way to make an instant connection to your audience, providing a way to grab their attention, give them more information, and get them introduced to your brand in one interactive way. So, what should you be including in your Highlights to ensure you’re making the most of them? Try some of these category ideas for your business:

– About Your Business – Give your new followers, page visitors, and potential clients a feel for what your brand is like! Share basic information such as where you’re located, when and how you were founded, some information about the team, your slogan and mission statements, as well as whatever else you feel it’s important for a first-time impression.

– Product or Service Highlights – Show off one of your products or services with images and videos demonstrating their best selling points! This is a great way to get these potential customers acquainted with the sales they’re most likely to make, giving you a chance to start conversions.

– Specials – Whether seasonal or if they change by the week, keeping your specials where they can be easily checked is a great idea! Draw in your page viewers with an updated Highlight dedicated to your deals, discounts, and specials to catch their eye with something they won’t want to miss out on.

– News/Updates – Due to the pandemic, this would be a good space to keep your audience updated with what guidelines you need to follow and how you’re doing so. This will not only help them in feeling safe with your business, but it may also give them a heads-up about what to expect. For instance, you may wish to let them know if masks are required in-store, if they should expect shipping delays, or whether your business services have temporarily changed. Aside from COVID-related matters, this can also update them on any news for your business, like when you rent a new space, hire a new team member, reach a goal, start a sale, or more!

There are so many ways to use Highlights to showcase your business with a great first impression, feel free to pick and choose what ideas will best suit you as well as incorporate any others that are unique to you. Highlights are a great way to navigate your audience through your business information on your profile, giving them a good look at what your brand is like and what to expect, as well as a way to start pushing sales. For help in handling your Highlights and more, contact the marketing experts at i3 Media Solutions!

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