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How to Turn Fun Fall Vibes Into Successful Marketing Tactics

October is here and many people are relishing their fun, limited-time seasonal favorites. This is the time of year where everyone is looking for ways to enjoy the fall and soak in all of the warm, cozy atmosphere it offers, but it can be difficult to market for. Unless your business offers anything ‘pumpkin spice’, it may be hard to really connect to the fall to catch your audience’s attention this month, but we’re here to help with some great ways to incorporate it regardless of your industry! Here are a few starting points to consider:

– Let’s start with ‘pumpkin spice’. If you have a way to offer scents, flavors, or even imagery that reflects any popular fall flavors like this, it’s time to share these specifics! This isn’t limited to the traditional pumpkin spice, but also apples, cinnamon, cranberries, turkey, pears… get creative! Even if your business isn’t focused in food service or product sales, you can offer to make your clients a coffee with pumpkin spice creamer when they stop by.

– Themed specials are a great go-to for giving a twist to anything otherwise normal for your business. Simply rename any of your services – traditional or seasonal – in a fun way for a limited time! Need some thought-starters? Feel free to use names based on horror movies, like a ‘Final Destination Pit Stop’ for a car detailing. You can also go for simply listing your fall specials with a fun, decorated graphic!

– Think about this season for your industry. This may not be specifically fun, but thinking about this fall as it applies to your business and your clients can give you ways to help anticipate their interests. For instance, people are often doing holiday shopping right now– do you have great products or services to be gifted? Do you offer any special prices to help them save money? How about a way you can help them relax, or check something else off of their to-do list while they’re busy? Make sure to mention that you know they’re busy holiday shopping while also weaving in these other great points!

– Maybe it’s rough weaving in these aspects– so go for something fun! If you’ve decorated your office or home work space, share some pictures of what festive decorations you have around! If you can wear a costume to work or just for a quick picture in your home office, then do so! Some fall events are still happening, though they may be different– you could consider taking part, whether as a vendor, with a table set up, or even just as a sponsor.

– When in doubt, spread some local love! Supporting fellow small businesses is a great way to connect but also to encourage the love of small business in your area. Spread the word about fall festivities and specials other small business are doing! Link to their events, re-share their posts, and try to find some your clients would be interested in, so that they can thank you!

Depending on your industry, your approach to marketing for fall may differ vastly, but it’s a great season to take advantage of regardless. These ideas are some solid starting points, but if you need further, consistent and reliable help with your business marketing, contact i3 today!  

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