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6 Reasons You Need Website Maintenance

You wouldn’t let your car sit around without oil changes– don’t let that happen to your website, either! Even a beautiful website isn’t doing its best unless it’s receiving frequent maintenance. These check-ins can accomplish a lot over time, including keeping your website secure, adding fresh content to draw in new visitors, and increasing its overall performance. No matter what goals you’re hoping to achieve with your website, maintenance is meant to help protect and enhance your efforts.

There are many reasons you may want to consider website maintenance, but here are some of the most common:

1. Keeping your website up-to-date. A website that’s out of date may not only have functionality issues, but also major security risks. To ensure that your website is protected and running at its best, it’s important to check that any updates have been done automatically or to run them manually if needed.

2. Correcting errors. An error on your website can cause anything from a tiny text formatting issue to a mistake so massive your website feels unusable. Common problems include issues within your HTML, broken links, missing pages, and more. Website maintenance can help ensure that errors are quickly found and taken care of.

3. Improving site performance. Checking in on your website analytics will tell you which areas should be improved upon and maintenance is a great opportunity to work on them. This may include enhancing your website speed, bounce rate, conversions, and more important analytics.

4. Backing up files. Back-ups are an easy way to help prevent losing your website, whether due to errors or cyber attacks. We highly recommend keeping a safe backup of your website files, in case of necessity.

5. Creating new content. Fresh content is a great way to draw in new viewers but also to rank better with search engines! This new content could include more website pages, new copy, or even a blog.

6. Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This branch of digital marketing is a great way to utilize website maintenance time, giving your website the work it needs to succeed in finding the right viewers and pleasing search engines. To succeed not only in search rankings but in finding conversions for your business, your site needs to have SEO work done!

No matter what reasoning you think is best, website maintenance is crucial to ensuring success. The team at i3 Media Solutions can help you with all of your website design and maintenance needs, including running these important updates, creating amazing content, boosting your website’s SEO performance, and whatever else your individual business may need with marketing. Let’s get started with a free consultation, set up through our Facebook page!

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