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Increase Sales Conversions with Retargeting and Remarketing

According to a study conducted by Search Engine Journal, only about 2% of your website’s homepage visitors will actually convert into sales. Earning web traffic is a great start for your marketing strategy and the numbers may be wonderful to see, but keep in mind that only a tiny fraction end up paying off towards your goals. So, how do you work towards keeping a visitor’s interest and upping that valuable visitor-to-sale conversion rate? Two popular strategies that tend to earn a big payoff are retargeting and remarketing. These objectives are commonly used to regain the interest of potential customers who have come to your site or interacted with your business online before in some way, but each offers you various options on how to go about doing so.

Retargeting is about advertising aimed at visitors who have either directly interacted with your site before (called on-site targeting) or those that share similar online habits to current customers (referred to as off-site targeting). Many visitors in this category have already visited your site, clicked on your products, or have shown interest in businesses similar to yours in the past. Retargeting is often done by placing ads aimed at these users, aiming to re-educate them about your business and spark further interest.

Remarketing can have some overlap with retargeting, but the main focus is typically pointed at email marketing. Remarketing is tailored to potential customers who have often already shown interest in purchasing your products or services but haven’t quite converted to a sale. For instance, they may have left your site with items still in their shopping cart, or during checkout. Remarketing is then done by sending reminders to these visitors about your business, whether it’s a notice that they still have items in their cart, new wishlist items, sales updates, notices about specials, or otherwise.

Both of these methods can work wonders to increase your conversion rates, turning your valuable website visitor count into a much more significant number. Many sales don’t come from the first glance a customer gets of your business online– they’re often made after continuous exposure to your business and their continued interest in what you offer. These techniques work to expose customers to your business again after an initial look, hopefully reminding them of their interest and steering their attention further towards a sale. For more information, to answer your questions, or to start looking at your business’ own conversion rates, contact i3 today!  

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