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How to Improve Your Existing SEO Strategy 

There are so many ways to put effort into your Search Engine Optimization (SEO), but how about improving what’s already there? SEO is an ongoing process that involves analysis, review, and continuous upkeep. A big part of this includes working on your existing SEO and how your website communicates with search engines. Allow us to explain three ways to improve upon your current SEO strategy:

1 – Improve crawlability. – A crucial aspect of your SEO success is how your website communicates with search engines. Search engines need to be able to read through your website and find the data they’re after, allowing them to rank search results. In order to ensure better search results and easier communication, make sure that your website is crawlable by their bots!

2 – Optimize your content. – Review your alt text, keywords, analytics, and more to find spots to improve upon and to make sure it’s all up to date. Keeping all aspects of your SEO directly related to your site, update frequently, and improved upon to the best of your ability will ensure that it’s performing its best.

3 – Work on Engagement. – Part of SEO work is putting out content and links to draw traffic to your website! This can be in the form of blogs, new information, social media posts, and more. Earning the traffic to your website and putting your SEO to work is what will help you work on conversions and improving your analytics!

No matter what SEO efforts you’ve already made, consider reviewing them with the help of this list! It will help you in deciding on what to do and where to work on your marketing strategy next, as you strive to improve it. Learn more about this subject and other parts of digital marketing from i3’s blog or by contacting us today!

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