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Step Up Your SEO by Getting to Know Your Audience

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a crucial component of your digital marketing strategy, but how you plan your SEO work relies on who it’s geared towards. Your ideal audience should be the target of all of your marketing efforts! So, how do you hone in on them for SEO? Let us further explain how to find your audience, how defining your audience is different for SEO, as well as how this works into your SEO strategy. 

As far as defining your audience goes, for SEO purposes, consider what your ideal audience wants from your business. In other words, you’ll want to know what they’ll be typing into a search engine in order to find your business. This is how you build up your keywords to add to your pages, weave into your titles and descriptions, and enhance your content. In this, you may find it useful to look up your competitors and figure out what words and phrases they’re utilizing and which seem to be the most beneficial with search engines. Once you have a good idea of what keywords to use, you’re well on your way to working on SEO with your audience in mind.

Another aspect to consider is how your SEO work ends up interacting with your audience. Using analytics and data from your website, you can check on your performance in order to adjust and update your site. How your viewers interact with your site should be giving you clues as to what needs updating. If they’re leaving pages quickly, if some pages are more successful than others with bringing about a conversion, if they’re spending time searching on your site– these are all indicators that you can update in order to better suit your audience! SEO requires a lot of fine-tuning to bring to optimum performance, but it’s worth putting in the effort to do so.

Start this process on your own by considering what your ideal audience will be searching for! What can your business provide and what kinds of products/services do you want to focus on selling? For more help with this process or for SEO experts that can guide you through all of your business’ marketing needs, give i3 a call!  

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