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4 Key SEO Aspects to Use Alongside Content Marketing

Content marketing relies on the creation of frequent, relevant content that your business can publish in order to capture viewer attention. Often times, this can be done as a blog on your website that gets updated weekly! This is a strong way to market, but it’s not complete on its own. SEO work done specifically to back up your content can help you to draw in those viewers to your website and tell search engines what content you’re posting. When working on a content strategy, try to focus on these 4 key SEO aspects to assist your progress:

1. Meta Titles – Meta titles may seem basic, but they’re crucial to letting search engines know what your web pages are about! How else will anyone find it? When you’re publishing pages like blogs consistently, it can help greatly to keep the meta titles updated as you go in order to draw in those viewers who are searching for it.

2. Meta Descriptions – Meta descriptions are the blurbs that viewers read when they’re looking through search results for relevant information. So, if you’re publishing content, ensuring that you have a page summary for a description can assist you in telling both search engines and your potential readers what your blogs or other content pieces are about!

3. Internal Links – Internal links are needed not only for website navigation but when used within the copy, they can help to keep viewers on your site! In your text, when you refer to anything that’s relevant to other pages within your site, you can take the opportunity to use a link to guide your viewers there. This can help them continue to learn and gather the information they’re there for, while also keeping them engaged with your business.

4. Images – Images can help to break up blocks of text, maintain interest in content, and more, but it’s also important that you think SEO when dealing with them. For instance, compressing them can help minimize page loading times, which will make your website viewers more likely to stick around. You can also add alt text to let search engines know what’s included, boosting your repertoire with them as well as with users that can’t see them.

There are many different branches of digital marketing and content marketing is a huge part to take on! However, every strategy is more powerful when combined with other aspects. Combining your content marketing with these basic SEO techniques can help make your content much more potent and help to spread the word. Give i3 a call to learn more or for help with content marketing!

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