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3 Website Updates You Should be Making Regularly

If you’re not website-savvy, then website updates may sound like they’re beyond your scope. However, ensuring you’re checking your website and making frequent updates – whether you’re hiring someone to do it or taking on the work yourself – is crucial to make sure it’s working at its best. Just like your car or air conditioner needs maintenance, so does your website.

Here are three website updates that you– yes, you– should be making regularly:
1. Check to make sure all of your links are working.

Update any that are broken or wrong. This check can be time-consuming, but simple. Go through each page of your website and ensure that each link leads to where it should, then note any that need to be fixed. Then, when you’re done with your check, you can either update it yourself or ask someone else to.

2. Check for issues within your content and update it as needed.

This may include typos, but you’ll also want to look out for wording that you can improve as well as any content that doesn’t suit your business anymore. If your business products, services, or otherwise changes, then you’ll want your website to reflect that.

3. Add new content to your website!

This may mean adding new pages, adding onto existing pages, or publishing blogs. Adding fresh content to your website is a practice that search engines love. That’s part of how you can help your website succeed!

Whether you’re performing these updates or hiring professional help when it’s needed, ensure your website is getting the frequent updates it needs. These are some simple things that you can look out for from month to month in order to update as needed. Updates are important to your website’s performance, so the most important part is not to skip out on occasional site maintenance.

We’d love to help you maintain and update your website! Let’s chat. 

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