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WordPress Security Vulnerabilities

Keeping your content management system (CMS) up to date is a key part of maintaining a secure website.  Content management systems such as WordPress will periodically make updates available that will fix bugs and security glitches in previous versions of the CMS, leaving your website more secure and functioning properly.  In fact, WordPress recently discovered some security vulnerabilities and released the 4.5.3 update in response.

It is strongly recommended that any website running a version of WordPress prior to the 4.5.3 version should update immediately.  Previous versions are vulnerable to a variety of security exploits which range from changed passwords to a full denial of service attack.  If a website’s code is left unpatched, a potential attacker could take over a website, change passwords, change content, or even remove the website entirely.  Recovering from such an attack can be a very costly endeavor, and it’s easier and less expensive to be proactive and update a site to the newest WordPress version. 

If you need help keeping your website updated and on the forefront of future security updates, contact i3 today to see how our team can help your website stay secure.

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