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Why DataCenter Locations Matter

We previously shared our thoughts on why choosing the right web host is critical. So, how does i3 Media Solutions determine which datacenter we are going to trust our clients’ sites with?

Since i3 is located in Arizona, the logical assumption may be that we would host our sites locally.  However, geographic location of a website is a critical factor in both website speed and mobile response time.  While having a server located in Arizona might provide fast service for those in the south-western United States, what about those in the north-east?

i3 has clients located all over the United States, and many of our clients’ customers are located throughout the world. Therefore, we chose to locate our servers centrally, ensuring that no matter where your visitors are, they will enjoy a consistent, speedy visit to your site.


Our production servers are located in Dallas, Texas, in one of the nation’s top datacenters. This means that someone in Virginia is going to load your site just as quickly as someone in Arizona.  Need more speed?  Check out our recommendations on speeding up WordPress.

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