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Rotating Banners and Enhancing Your Website Design

When it comes to website design, it’s important to ensure you’re always up-to-date with the latest security, fresh information, and designs to suit the current time. However, differing opinions can be found in many aspects of website design– one of which being a pivotal part of your site. Everywhere you look, there seem to be different opinions on rotating website banners. Some argue that they’re outdated, while others maintain that they’re a useful way of directing traffic to various important pages on your website.

As far as the key points as to why many stand by rotating banners, banners not only remain a commonplace theme across current website designs, but their way of circulating through several messages and directing traffic can be considered crucial. The rotating banners allow for multiple messages to be main viewpoints as visitors browse your website, giving them easy access to the most important parts of your website. This is a great opportunity to realize your business goals, create parts of your website to help you achieve them, and use this type of banner to link viewers directly to them. For instance, if you’re trying to sell a book you can: establish a page dedicated to selling it, create a banner image about it to add to your rotating banner, then turn it into a link that brings viewers to your book’s page. This can help you to streamline valuable conversions!

Meanwhile, some believe that rotating banners are growing outdated, citing their low click-through rate and that some users may scroll right past them. While many websites created in recent years still utilize a banner area, some opt for similar images but without a rotation. This means making one, main banner with your most important message and the link to your one most important page. Some will instead use videos in this area, bringing in a more interactive way of showing off their main message.

If you’re in doubt of your website design, the best place to start is with analyzing its performance. Try a FREE Digital Marketing Review from our experts and we’ll analyze not only your website, but all of your online marketing, including your social media presence, review management, and more. There is always room to improve and we’re happy to give you thorough feedback on how, as well as help you create and implement a strategy for doing so! This includes your website design: we’re always ready to help you update, refresh, or redesign it entirely for you.

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