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3 Steps Closer to a Landing Page that Converts

You’ve got a website visitor. Great! Now what? Ideally, you’ve crafted a landing page that will get them engaged with your business and keep the ball rolling. Landing pages are a crucial part in what makes the difference between a website visitor and an actual lead for your business, so focus on using these pages to make those important conversions! Let us walk you through a few ways to help boost your landing page’s success in this:

1 – Focus on ONE call-to-action. Having multiple calls to action throughout your site is key to getting your website visitors to engage with your business in different ways, whether through purchasing, contacting you, signing up for a newsletter, or more. However, for a landing page, it’s best to narrow your focus and consume visitor attention with one, solid offer that can get them hooked on your brand. Getting them to fill out a short form is often a great way to do so, just be sure to make it simple!

2 – Concise copy and an offer they won’t want to refuse. Keep your text minimal, as it can prove distracting, and make sure your message is straight to the point. Choose to relay something unique to your business, but interesting enough to keep visitor attention. What offerings of yours are the most popular? What campaigns have you got the most attention from? Keep these ideas in mind as you make your decision.

3 – Choose engaging imagery and design to catch and keep their attention. A stunning landing page is sure to make a good first impression, but make sure you’re also using images and an overall design that is simple and easy to understand. You want to focus on simplicity here, so skimp on anything complex. It’s best if your whole landing page fits within the first frame of a web browser. They can certainly be longer than that, but your first page before scrolling down is the most important for catching the attention of website visitors.

Making the right landing page to suit your business, draw in customers, and make those valuable conversions may be a difficult process. Finding the right aspects to include may take some revising and tweaking until it’s performing at its best, so keep an eye on your website’s analytics to help in this process. For help in creating a landing page, or entire website, that meets your business’ needs, contact i3 today!

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