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Pick Up Your SEO Strategy with this Checklist

Looking to up your Search Engine Optimization performance? Well, here’s our checklist on how to do so this year, following recent trends in technology, marketing, and user experience! It’s important to review your strategy and experiment with various areas in order to make the most of evolving technology, new trends, and changes between industries, so let us help guide you in doing so! Take a look at this checklist to start you on the right path:

1 – Keyword Research – Keyword research has always been a crucial component of SEO, but it’s for a good reason! In order to give you the best chance of matching up with a user’s search query, keywords are needed to direct search engines to your website. Keywords are an important link between search engines and your web pages, communicating what your content entails and distinguishing what information each page focuses on.

2 – Interesting Title Tags and Meta Descriptions – Once your website shows up in a user’s search engine ranking, you’ll want to catch their attention with a relevant and interesting title and description! This is how you draw visitors to your website directly from their search pages, so it’s important to stand out and optimize your space to share the most important, relevant information in this space.

3 – Crawlable Web Pages – Ensuring your website’s pages are search engine bot-friendly can mean a world of difference! If a search engine can’t read and process the information on your website’s pages, they may as well not exist when it comes to ranking! Your images, media, titles– the works should be given titles and tags to allow search engines to understand them!

4 – Page Speed – Page speed is also crucial to search engines, but also to users. The longer a page takes to load, the higher the chance a user will exit the page before it finishes! Try to cut down on unnecessary page elements that are slowing down your loading time. Check that at least your landing pages are quick to load in order to keep user attention.

5 – Publishing Content – While many working with digital marketing know that content is king, did you know that it’s actually a big part of SEO? After all, writing and publishing frequent content allows you to use and embrace your keywords, expanding your reach and drawing in a larger audience. Showcasing that you frequently put out content is also impressive to search engines and your audience, and can help to establish you as an industry expert.

These are all great starting points for increasing your SEO performance, but there is an ever-evolving number of opportunities to take advantage of! At i3 Media Solutions, we’re experts in our field with a passion and talent for keeping up with and embracing the latest in digital marketing. To learn more or to start working with us, give us a call today!  

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