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SEO for YouTube Marketing

According to MarketLand, YouTube is the second most popular social media platform! That means that taking the reins and making an account for your business means you reap the benefits of incredible marketing potential! Such a huge audience reach means a lot of power to take a hold of. However, one of the key components of a YouTube strategy is not only making videos, but knowing how to perform search engine optimization with tags and keywords in order to get them noticed!

After making your YouTube video, it’s best to plan your SEO strategy and write out all the information needed before posting. Since popular, fresh videos will get the most attention, the first 48 hours after you post are the most effective to have these aspects in place! It’s best to have them all figured out and implemented when posting for the first time altogether, making the most of that precious time to earn views and attention.

So, what information should be included? YouTube tends to favor videos that are fully tagged and described with a title, description, tags, and annotations. While coming up with what to use, take a look at similar videos uploaded by your competitors! What titles and tags do the top videos have? Which words did you use for your own search? How could you one-up what they have? This will give you a good idea of what will give you the best results.

When writing your tags, try to think of them in three types: phrases, single words, and broad terms. YouTube understands strings of words rather well and many users will be searching by word clusters, so don’t shy away from longer, descriptive tags like ‘how to pot a plant’, but also include basic words that are important to your content, such as ‘flowers’ or ‘planting’. Broad terms are also great for users seeking general information, so also adding in ‘gardening’ is a good idea. Try to make sure you have at least 3-5 keywords as a minimum on each of your videos, but more is encouraged so long as you keep them relevant and close to your topic.

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