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Looking for Links? Make Great Content

When you’re trying to earn traffic to your website from links at other sources, one of the best things you can do is produce content! Putting out new content in videos, updated information, news, or in blog form can keep people interested and give them the reason to post about your business. These links and shares from other people, businesses, and sources can become a huge way to direct traffic to your website, and ultimately, sales to your business. Allow us to further explain how to make and promote content that will earn you links!

One of the key parts of this is to publish content people will want to see and post it frequently. Try to pick topics that your ideal audience will be interested in! You can focus on education with how-to’s and tutorials, explain details about your industry, your business, and your job experience, you can provide inside information on your industry and the latest related news– the opportunities are endless! When in doubt, think about commonly asked questions you received and how you’d answer them. You can also consider problems your customers can run into, ways to use your products and services, and what other businesses like yours may be able to learn from you. 

Another important part of this plan is publishing this content frequently, as well as making the information public! Make sure that you’re keeping with a schedule with how you’re posting this new content. Updating a website with a new page twice a year won’t do you nearly as much good as publishing a new blog every other week. This frequency can help to keep viewer attention and make adding content a habit that’s continual. Moreover, you can help to make new blog posts public by sharing them on social media! Share links to your new blog across your social media platforms to help alert people that you’re making this content– earning you viewers, and hopefully, drawing the attention you need to get your blogs re-shared by others. 

Get started today by brainstorming some blog topics to start writing about! Posting new content frequently on your website might make a big difference in your traffic levels– give our tips a try! To learn more or for help creating content that will ‘wow’ your ideal audience, contact i3 today!  

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