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Increasing Website Visitor Interaction

Do you ever sit back and wonder what your visitors are looking for on your site?  Putting yourself in your customers’ shoes may give much needed insight into what your website is achieving or lacking, which can lend an opportunity to shift items around.  If you think the majority of visitors are looking for pricing, navigate your website like you are one of those visitors and see how easy it is to find that information.  Does it take too many steps, or is it not obvious where to find pricing?  Remember, on average, you have less than a minute before someone is likely to leave a website if they aren’t finding what they need.  You don’t want visitors to leave your website without having a chance to gather information about them or having them contact you.

So, how do you keep your website easy to navigate, and direct visitors to interact further with your company?  Call-to-actions are a beneficial tool to keeping visitors focused and direct them to do what you want them to do.  A call-to-action is basically a feature that promotes interaction with the website visitor and the company.  For example, a link or button asking visitors to “call now,” “get a quote,” subscribe,” etc.  Does your website already have these features, but you aren’t seeing many people follow through?

Slapping a call-to-action just somewhere on your landing page isn’t always going to get you the results you are hoping for.  Successful call-to-actions take some planning; being descriptive with appropriate wording and placement is important to making them actually work for your website.

Contact i3 today and let our team create call-to-actions that will work for you and send customers your way.

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