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Building Customer Trust With Testimonials

When building a website, there are numerous items to consider, including the content of the site.  One of the pieces we find crucial to developing a credible website is incorporating customer testimonials.  Someone visiting a site needs to be able to construct a basic relationship with the company just from what they see in the website content.  You don’t have a chance to speak with them as they scroll through your site’s pages, so you have to rely on the content to portray a reputable image. Giving a visitor the opportunity to read other customers’ experiences will build a reputation and give the visitor something to trust in.

It may be hard to believe that potential customers will put any trust or value into a testimonial from someone they don’t know, but according to a consumer review study completed by BrightLocal, 88% of consumers said that they trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.  Consumers find reviews and testimonials incredibly helpful in determining what company they should give their business to. In fact, having testimonials readily available for customers to look at on a website has the potential to increase site sales as much as 18%, according to a finding by Reevoo.


Using a testimonial from a customer can also help to build a company’s already existent relationships.  If a customer knows their testimonial is being used on a company’s website, it can increase their loyalty by making them feel important and showing them that their opinion and experience matters.  Customers with a sense of appreciation are more likely to recommend a business to others and continue with the positive feedback.

Need help building a website that portrays your company’s trustworthy reputation? Contact i3 today and let us help show potential clients the great service your company provides.

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