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Increasing Website Traffic With Just the Right Keywords

We spend a lot of time talking about search engine optimization and creating organic leads to drive traffic to your website. However, solid SEO is not always enough and sometimes other routes must be explored to increase your website’s performance.

One way to increase website traffic is pay per click ads (PPC). Pay per click ads work by the advertiser bidding on keywords to use in their ad, and when the ad with those keywords is clicked on, the advertiser pays the search engine a predetermined fee.

Search engines like Bing feature free tools for website owners to discover which keywords are most beneficial for them to use and how much they should be spending on those keywords. Bing Ads Keyword Planner is one of those tools, and recently added some new assets making it even more efficient and consumer friendly. The Keyword Planner now contains more competitive insights and benchmarking, customizable ad group and keyword bids, a new source for keyword suggestions, and time range customization up to 24 months for keyword search volume.

What does this all mean for you? The newly improved Bing Ads Keyword Planner makes it easier to find keywords that will create a high return in traffic without competition between other websites. You also will be less likely to overpay for PPC ads with keywords that no one is searching for. Being able to see a year’s worth of trends in keywords and estimate traffic through your ad will make it easier to create a budget for your website campaign.

Need assistance utilizing these tools to increase traffic to your website? Call i3 today and let us help.

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