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Transitioning to a New Website?

While launching a new website can be an exciting fresh start for a business, the actual task of moving your old website content over can be a daunting process – and if not done correctly, can cause major losses in traffic and search rankings. The risk of losing traffic during a website redesign is a very real problem that can be avoided if an SEO transition plan is put into place and followed. Creating a new website is not as easy as just designing something new and letting it go live; old content must be linked directly to the new corresponding pages and search engines must be aware of the migration to the new site.

Maybe your redesign doesn’t involve an entirely new site, but if you plan on changing content, adding/removing pages, or moving to a new platform or CMS, a well-executed SEO transition plan can minimize much of the relaunch traffic loss.

When a website migration is underway, it is important that the search engines are notified of where to find the new location of a previous page. Doing so allows the search engine to rate the new webpage with the same, if not better ranking than it gave to the old website.

Did you have someone design and launch your new website and now you are noticing a drop in organic traffic to your site? No problem, i3 can fix this even if we weren’t the ones who designed your new site. At i3, we like to walk our customers through the transition process, from the planning phase through the execution, to minimize any traffic loss during the website relaunch

Call us today and let us walk you through a new website launch.

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