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How to Take Cues From Your Website Viewers

When interacting directly with potential customers, picking up on their impressions of your business can be rather simple! Do they appear lost in your storefront? Do they have questions throughout the process? Are they confused about your prices? Do they leave without a sale? Many people might not think of it the same way, but you can actually pick up on a lot of the same cues from how a viewer interacts with your website! You may not be in direct contact with them, but through analytics and website data, you can track how they acted while on your website and therefore, make some guesses as to what the actions mean. Allow us to explain further!

So, what website data alludes to which kind of behaviors? Well, if you find your website has a high bounce rate, especially among a variety of pages, it may mean that customers are having a hard time or feeling ‘lost’ while navigating your website. If they leave the site quickly altogether, it may mean that they’re confused or were mislead about its content. Adding products to a cart or checking out your services without a purchase going through may mean the prices spooked them for the time being. All of these cues are aspects that can be improved and worked on, but they’ll differ from viewer to viewer. However, it’s when you notice trends from multiple users that this information becomes pivotal.

When you notice many users taking the same actions on your site, take careful note and refine it based on what they’re doing! Whether they’re making a lot of sales conversions or the bounce rate is unreasonably high, take care to review and refine whatever is going on. Remember– a strategy can always be improved! Take these analytics and viewer actions and interpret what they mean about your website, pointing out weak points to work on and strengths to bring to better focus.

When noticing the digital cues from your website viewers, remember to act on what you find! Review and revision is key to a successful marketing strategy, for not only your website, but all aspects of your marketing efforts. Contact i3 to learn more about what your website’s data says about your customers, or to start reviewing and revising your own strategy today!

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