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3 Reasons Social Media Buttons Are Crucial to Your Business’ Website

You’ve probably seen social media icons on other business’ sites before– you may even have them on your own! They may be simple, and they’re definitely convenient, but why are they important? Well, as it turns out, these social media buttons are more crucial than they may seem at first glance! They are a great way to connect your audience, earn traffic, and tie all your efforts together. Take a look at these three major reasons why they’re important to your website!

1 – They connect users immediately to all of your platforms. – Whether a viewer is seeing your business’ information for the first time and are then able to find all of your social media platforms at once, or if they’ve known your business from one thread and can now see them all, the buttons are there to make the connection easy. Listing them all together in a convenient and recognizable way will make those platforms easily available to anyone visiting your business’ site.

2 – The links bring traffic to your social media pages. – The traffic from your website to your social media keeps your potential customers engaged with your business, but also can help to drive up your number of likes, follows, and more on those platforms! This extra traffic to your social media platforms is a great way to keep customers engaged where they’re typically most active – social media.

3 – The buttons work to integrate your marketing efforts. – In general, links are what continue to connect your marketing efforts. By linking back to your website when you can, inserting internal links in different parts of your website, and here, by linking to your social media platforms, you’re creating a connected web of all your efforts. This connection will keep leading your potential customers back to you and your various marketing efforts, keeping them in the loop if they pay attention to any one part.

Altogether, social media buttons are a simple but effective way to keep your social media platforms connected to your website! They help your customers to stay in touch with all your social thread in one easy place, and they also help draw potential customers into engaging with you. If you have any questions or want help with your marketing strategy, give i3 a call today!  

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