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5 Aspects of Successful Website Design 

Website design is no laughing matter! Most small business owners have heard about the DIY website builders and sites that help you make free websites, but the reality of these options fall far below the expectations the average website is held at. They’re not only bound by several major restraints including limited (if any) SEO customization, but they often force you to use a theme, limit your site’s size and capabilities, and often, they just look plain unprofessional. A custom-built, branded, and beautiful website built by a true professional has so much more to offer your business! Take a look at what the leaders of your industry are using for a website– chances are, they’re custom-made! 

So, how do you ensure your custom design is up to par? Here are a few aspects to keep in mind for effective website design, from our marketing experts:

1 – Organization – Your content should have a clear flow across all of your website’s pages! Keeping text in clear chunks, organization in sliders or boxes, and sections dedicated to media will help to give your page structure. Take a thorough look at each page to make sure you can easily find each part and that it makes sense. If in doubt, count on another set of eyes to look at it for you!

2 – Content – What’s the point of a website if you have no content on it? It’s important to ensure your website has content, in the form of information about your business, services, contact information, and other, crucial elements that relate to your business– many even include a blog! Aim to have at least 300 words on each page containing text to ensure that there is substantial information present.

3 – Branding – Part of ensuring your website speaks to your business and comes off as appealing is by using branding! Branding here means not only using your business’ name and logo, making it clear that the site is about your business but to also use your color palette! Your business’ chosen colors should be consistent throughout your website, to ensure aesthetic appeal as well as to tie in to your business’ “look”.

4 – Mobile Friendliness – Most website traffic is now mobile, meaning that if your website isn’t harnessing mobile usability, you’re limiting your business’ reach! Ensure your website is mobile-friendly, with elements that will work no matter your device– phone, tablet, or otherwise.

5 – Contact Info and Forms – It’s important that you not only have your contact information on your website but that you include forms from which you can collect potential customers’ contact information! When trying to convince viewers to contact your business to make a sales conversion, collecting their information in a form can make the process simpler for them!

When it comes to website design, there are many aspects to consider! Don’t leave your website’s success up to chance– rely on digital marketing professionals. Contact i3 today to start on a beautiful and responsive custom website for your business!

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