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WordPress 5.0 Current Issues and Long-Term Goals

Part of having a successful digital marketing strategy is staying up-to-date on the latest trends and technology. If you fall behind, you risk security issues, the loss of audience attention, and overall, falling too far behind to make a marketing impact. Staying updated is especially important with your business’ website, since it’s often a not only expensive, but key component in your marketing strategy. So when your website builder has an update, it’s important to take note!

WordPress just released a new update, WordPress 5.0, which is a part of some major changes they’ve made to the editor. The new editing software, Gutenberg, is being put in place as a part of their work to make WordPress more user-friendly. Among its new capabilities, this new editor will let users embed a large variety of content and allow for more flexibility in how they’re arranged. This system is supposed to make how a website will appear published more easy to distinguish while editing, making the process simpler, especially for first-time users. These updates are meant to be helpful long-term, but they do have some short-term consequences for current users.

Some users will experience problems following this update, due to a couple of different variables. These include plug-ins and themes– which have not all been tested for compatibility with Gutenberg. This means a variety of issues could occur for WordPress users, including the inability to edit their website or even error 500s. Many of the sites managed by WordPress have been automatically updated to this newest version, meaning that these problems can be surfacing now as a result.

Overall, this update looks to be a major improvement for WordPress users, but currently, it might be the source of some unexpected errors. While existing users may experience some initial problems, this update is aimed to target mostly new users, with the updates made to help them in the website creation process. Easing their efforts will hopefully make the editor more user-friendly overall. For help understanding this information, updating your website, or more, contact i3 Media Solutions!

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