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Keeping Viewer Attention Past the First Click

Congratulations, you’ve got a potential customer to click on a link to your website! Now what? While a lot of businesses push forward a lot of effort simply to earn that primary click of interest, it’s also crucial to focus on the follow-through. After all, a website visitor needs to convert into an actual client in order to get you the sales results you’re looking for. All the work of digital marketing, from website design to content creation, search engine optimization and social media, all of these efforts came together to get you this initial attention, but now you’ve got to step up your game further. Let us explain a couple of important aspects of being successful past the first click:

1 – Content on Your Site – One of the most important aspects in this is making sure the content on your site is living up to expectations! Your pages should have a minimum of about 300 words and it should all be relevant to your business and your customers. You also need to be fulfilling the purpose of their click– did they click on a post about a certain service? Did they google your profession in general? What if they clicked on a link where you mention a specific blog? The link they take should bring them to a page of your site where they can easily find this information.

2 – Contact Form – If a potential client is now interested in pursuing business with you, the easiest way to get their immediate interaction with you started is by having an easily-visible contact form on your website for them to fill out. This is a big signal that there’s an easy way for them to go about starting a relationship with your business and they’re likely to take it if they found your website fitting to their needs. Including items like their name, phone number, and email will then give you easy access to contacting them.

These two aspects are crucial to maintaining customer interest and making their transition from a potential customer into an actual client a smooth one! While drawing in initial clicks is a vital part of digital marketing, it’s also important that you keep the end-game in mind, because past the first click is when it becomes paramount to conversion. Contact i3 today to learn more or for help in keeping your viewers hooked!

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