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Automated Email Marketing

We have previously discussed how email marketing campaigns can be a lucrative step for businesses to take, with a key element of making the emails as appealing as possible to the receivers.  Making the emails personal, easy to view and consistent, like in so many areas of business, is crucial with successful email marketing.  Now, it’s important to avoid sending out so many emails that people immediately want to unsubscribe, but it’s equally important to not miss opportunities to connect.  Most business owners do not have time to watch for every opportunity to email a customer, and that’s where automated emails come into play.

Setting up automated emails is an excellent way to use email marketing to your benefit and develop relationships with potential and existing customers.  Automated emails can be set to be sent out in response to a variety of customer activities, and require less time than one would think.  An email can be immediately sent out to customers who have purchased something or maybe signed up as a new subscriber to a newsletter; these terms can be set up by the business.  A template for each scenario can be developed and used every time the system receives particular information from someone visiting a website.

It may seem that automated emails sound so impersonal, but each email can actually be personalized.  It is possible to configure the emails to contain the receiver’s name embedded within the body of the email to add a sense of personalization, making the customer feel like that email was written specifically for them, even though it may be reaching hundreds of people.

When developing these campaigns, one must also keep in mind that the email needs to remain mobile friendly.  It doesn’t matter how great of a deal you are offering in that email if no one can read it from their mobile device.

Interested in starting email campaigns but don’t know where to start? Give i3 a call today to let us help you with a successful email campaign.


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