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Using Alt Text as a Helpful Tool

Alt text is more than just a few words that you quickly add to an image attribute; it is an essential tool for users and search engines alike. When time is taken to add it in and ensure that it’s meaningful to each image, the payback can work well in your favor. The addition of meaningful alt text can greatly enhance your site’s compatibility with search engines as well as inform customers what each image is, exactly.

Images, like text, are part of your site’s content. When a search engine is trying to make sense of and categorize your content, they also take into account the alt text. If your site has any images at all, alt text could help enhance the search engine’s categorization of your content, which can help you target the optimal customers at the right times. When people can’t access the images on your site, alt text is also helpful in bringing them to understand your content.

So, what words do you need to use to properly accomplish these goals? Alt text should be life-like speech. Use words that your normally would, in a casual way. Writing them in a friendly, non-robotic tone can assist you in helping people understand what image it is that they could be missing access to. It will also help search engines relate your words to what users are looking for. So, describe the images as you would in reality and keep it casual.

Alt text can be a great tool that is, unfortunately, not always considered. When incorporated in meaningful ways, it can work to bring your site better traffic and help customers when your images aren’t showing up, bringing you optimal visitors and better site understanding and design overall. Alt text can be an essential helping hand in earning your business the attention it deserves. To work on your site’s own alt text or for more assistance in getting your business the right traffic, contact i3 today. We have all the technical tools you need to stay on top of modern marketing and ahead when it comes to helpful tools.

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